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We strive to balance the interests of The Award's many stakeholders, including our donors and contributors. It is important that you know how that your donation is being used effectively. 

Chairperson's Reports

A annual report is presented by the Chairman of Council at the Annual General Meeting, outlining the highlights of the previous financial year.

One of the Key Governing Documents that governs the establishment of the Award in Barbados, its purpose and principles of operation. 

Annual reports expressing The Award's financial position. The financial year concludes at March 31 of each year

Donor Reports

Annual reports concerning activities which were completed throughout the year, made especially for donors. These are produced at the end of each calendar year.

Strategic Plans

Our strategy is based on The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Programme Six Pathways to Development: Partnerships, Assuring Quality, Strengthening structure, Raising the profile, Raising support and programme extension.

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