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Bring A Fren and Come Hike

Bring A Fren 2021 - crop.png

For over a decade the Award has hosted this annual fundraising event. Award participants are encouraged to bring their family and friends to get a taste of what the Award has to offer for Adventurous Journeys. 

Journeys are held in October and are organized as circuits in the more remote areas of Barbados, allowing for a opportunity for discovery in a safe environment.


Areas covered in the past include:

Culpepper Island 

Bayley's Plantation

Consett Point

Hackleton's Cliff

Mount Hillaby

Cherry Tree Hill

...just to name a few

All monies raised are used to aid participants completing the CASC Regional Camp and Gold Award Adventurous Journey, held annually in a different Caribbean island.   

The Next event is scheduled for:

Sunday, October 30 2022

Location TBC

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