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AJ Training Modules

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The following materials have been set up using the Nearpod platform, and were developed around the "Preparation and Training" component of the Adventurous Journey. They are meant to serve as a guide for training and may not necessarily cover all aspects of the AJ training. There is still room for review and update. We recommend that Award Leaders review the materials regularly and suggest edits.Be sure to contact the office if you experience any challenges with the links.


Understanding The Adventurous Journey

Introduction to the Adventurous Journey

Types of Adventurous Journey and Modes of Travel

Competency in the Mode of Travel


Necessary Equipment and How to Use it

How to set up a Tent

Using A Backpack

Using A Map

Using A Compass

Using a Machete

Bonus: Using a Trangia Set


Route Planning

Purpose Planning

Grid Squares and Grid Referencing

Measuring Distance Traveled

Measuring Height Climbed


Navigating - Where are We?



Campsite Management

Camping Techniques

Menu Planning

Fires and Fire lighting

Camp Cooking



Teamwork and Group Roles

Team Dynamics and Leadership

HBR - What's Your Leadership Style?



Observation and Recording



Impact of the Journey on the Environment

Country Code


First Aid and Emergency Procedures

Safety First

First Aid Kits and Basic Precautions

Dangers and Hazards

Emergency Procedures

N.B. St John Ambulance UK has a number of free training modules on its e-platform linked here (Registration required)

Understanding the Culture in the Journey’s Environment

Your Earth

Barbados - Age of Discovery - Historical Influences

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