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We have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Barbados a number of adjustments have become necessary. Despite these changes the Award remains committed to supporting our nation's youth to finding their purpose, passion and place in the world. As the pandemic has spread across the planet the Award in Barbados has collaborated with the International Award Foundation to determine the best approach at this time. A few adjustments have been made and these were share with Award centres and leaders. 


For more on the International Award Foundation's response to the COVID-19 outbreak you can visit the website. 

Award Office Reopened to the Public 


The Government of Barbados has permitted the reopening of all businesses effective Mon 15 June, 2020.  This allowed the Award office to reopen to the public on Wednesday 1 July 2020. It did require some adjustments to the daily operations to ensure the safety and good health of staff and the public. These changes are outlined below.

Adjustments to Office operations due to COVID-19

  • Entry to the office is by appointment ONLY. Persons must call at least 24-hours in advance to book an appointment. At this time a basic health screen will also be done with the individual with regards to COVD-19 symptoms and exposure.

  • Persons will not be allowed to congregate in the area immediately outside of the Award office

  • All visitors’ contact information will be recorded in a daily log (to facilitate contact tracing by health officials if necessary)

  • All persons entering the office will be asked to sanitize their hands.

  • Face masks should be worn while conducting business at the office.

  • Physical distancing protocols must be observed (floor markings are in place to assist)

  • A limited number of persons will be admitted to the office at any time.  

  • High contact surfaces such as, doorknobs, handrails, telephones etc. will be sanitized frequently

  • Use of the telephone handsets, photocopiers and other such equipment will be by staff members only

  • Hand soap and paper towels will be provided in the washroom

  • Posters displaying handwashing guidelines will be posted in relevant areas

  • All surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized at the beginning and end of each work day as practical

  • Daily cleaning regimens include sanitizing contact points such as: Kettle, microwave, keyboards, mouse, copiers, telephones, fridges, drawers and cabinets.

  • Staff will avoid sharing, tableware, office supplies and equipment and use paperless methods as much as possible

  • Workers are encouraged to go straight home at the end of the work day


The management and staff of the Award in Barbados, continues to urge all to practise good hygiene and follow the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Wellness as it relates to the virus.


Doing the Award during COVID - 19 outbreak 

The flexibility of the Award's structure means that even as many are forced to practise social and physical distancing, participants are still able to work on gaining their awards.  Award leaders continue to make regular contact using digital technology where applicable, as face-to-face meetings are put on hold. Doing your Award sets youth to work in the community doing Voluntary Service activities and learning new skills. The Physical Recreation section often requires being in close proximity to others. 

The physical distancing necessary due to the way the virus is spread does not mean that progress stops. Participants can engage in individual pursuits and digital activities towards completing sections. The list of options include home gardening, online tutoring, attending virtual fitness classes and many more . We have a compiled a list options and more will be shared over time. The document can be accessed here

All participants, volunteers and partners are urged to follow the guidelines indicated by health officials. The Award in Barbados remains accessible via email and instant messaging on social media. 


Changing Award Activities

Participants are allowed to change activities in their Skills, Physical Recreation and Voluntary Service sections. After consultation with the Award leader who must agree to the new activity, the participant should setup the additional activity on the Online Record Book. This video explains the process.

If you have any questions please contact your Award Leader. 

Doing the AJ during COVID-19 

The Award in Barbados has prepared a number of protocols to be followed by Award units when conducting an Adventurous Journey (AJ) while the island continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic . These protocols were developed by the Barbados Expedition and Assessment Panel. They have been reviewed by representatives of the Ministry of Health and Wellness. Any Award unit planning to execute an AJ must seek the permission through the National Award office. 

Persons taking part in the Award through a sub-licensed organisation (Barbados Cadet Corps, The Girl Guides Association of Barbados, Barbados Boy Scouts Association) will be required to first comply with the standards of that organisation. 

The protocols can be downloaded here

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