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Culloden Farm


The Government of Barbados has recognized the need of the Award for adequate facilities to further develop its youth achievement program, and in 2021 it approved the leasing of the Culloden Farm property to the Award.


Culloden Farm is to be developed into a youth achievement centre, where the youth can freely associate and develop into well-rounded, productive adults. This redounds to the benefit of the Barbadian society in general, and is in keeping with the vision of the late Rt. Hon. Errol Walton Barrow for our youth. He was the last occupant of Culloden Farm which served as our first official Prime Minister’s Residence.


As envisioned, this four-acre site will facilitate camping grounds, recreational facilities, skills training facilities, meeting rooms and storage, and event staging space. Its central location within walking distance from the bus terminals is ideal, as it affords easy access to the Participants. Also, its close proximity to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is comforting in case of any medical emergencies.

Restoration of the property will by carried out in a number of phases, and the public and corporate entities are encouraged to lend their skills and support to this worthwhile cause for the benefit of our youth and society.

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