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The Award Near You

What is an Award Unit?

The Award in Barbados facilitates the establishment of Award Units to deliver the Award to Participants.  

Award Units can be:

  • Schools

  • Colleges

  • Tertiary Institutions

  • Community Organisations

  • Youth Organizations

  • Sporting or Social Clubs

  • Companies

  • A group of interested parents who form their own association


Award Units then appoint Award Leaders who become the main contact and the ones who, after appropriate training, guide Participants on their Award journey. 

In addition to our Sublicensed partners, we have Award Units at the following locations:

Award Unit
Award Leader
Christ Church Foundation                      Jeremy Devonish                        
The Codrington School                          Dawn Medford                       
Church of God Silver Sands                   Kimita Bronton
Combermere School                              S. Christil Belgrave                 
Darryl Jordan School                              A Branch/K Grogan                     
Deighton Griffith School                        Sonja Martindale                 
Etananova The Marching Band             Lincoln Springer
Harrison College                                   Applon Parris                
Lockerbie College                                  Jessica Roett
The Lodge School                                  Nya Greenidge/Dario Harewood
National Open Award Unit                      Vasco Lynch/Shonee Howell         
Ninasafiri Open Unit at Pax Hill                Wayne Ifill

“...sounds harmless you think to yourself, ‘why not?’ a few years later you’re at Government house shaking hands with Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex…Who would have ever imagined that years of grueling hikes, busted knee caps and lost toenails would have landed you in a place only few can imagine.”

Jamar Odwin

Gold Award Holder

Parkinson Memorial School                     Charlee Gittens                   
Princess Margaret Secondary School         Tricia Forde                      
Queen's College                                     Camille Jones
Springer Meorial Secondary School           Troy Roach
St. Leonard's Boys School                        Sheena Hurdle
The St. Michael School                             Boris Thompson

How can my school/organisation establish an Award Unit?

To run The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in your school/organisation you will need to apply to become an Award Unit and nominate an Award Leader.

Want to become an Award Unit? Let Us Know!
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