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The Award in Barbados

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach more young people from diverse backgrounds and equip them as individuals to succeed in life.
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire young Barbadians to challenge themselves to gain life skills through fun, exciting, quality activities.
The core values of the Award Barbados are reflected in the following:
• Responsibility, accountability and Integrity
• Quality in our programmes and their delivery
• Personal growth and development of our participants
• Teamwork and empowerment among all participants
• Commitment to all we do
• Social responsibility and outreach
• Voluntarism, transparency and equity
Our Core Values
The Award was first introduced to the island in 1963​ through the initiative of Kenneth Pile and Col. Deighton Maynard, who at the time were integrally involved with the Scout Group at the Combermere School. 

​In 1964, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Lomer Alleyne, the Barbados Council of Voluntary Services took on the responsibility for the Award by becoming the official sponsoring body. Over the years the programme expanded and has become a household name as more and more youth signed on to the Award. 

Today the Award is available in secondary schools, churches and is delivered through the Barbados Cadet Corps, The Girl Guides Association of Barbados and the Barbados Boy Scouts Association.  The Award is delivered and administered by a team of dedicated volunteers, led by the National Award Council.  

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Our History
•"Being in the Award has opened me up to a whole new world I never knew existed. Relaxation is a big part of my study process and thus, being in the Award scheme especially the hiking aspect has allowed me to destress and relax. This in turn has raised my concentration levels causing me to study harder and longer." – Ramon Jackman (Bronze Award 2019, Barbados Government Exhibition 2019)

•"Being part of the Award has helped me learn to manage my time better, to work with others and to be a well-rounded individual. It has also taught me to be more open-minded to different types of people and their perspectives that would have differed from my own." – Rhenaka Corbin (Silver Award 2018, Barbados Government Scholarship 2019)
" The Award is a great way to stay out of trouble and also have fun at the same time. You learn a lot of skills that you would never think you would need in life and you also get to do a lot of fun activates and sports that you would never think of doing without the Award." - Che Alleyne (Gold Award 2019, Sailing Instructor)

• "I have become more comfortable around people I meet for the first time."

•"I have gained many new experiences which have caused me to acquire greater discipline and I have learnt skills which I would otherwise have been clueless about."

•"Participating in the hike has made me mentally stronger"

-2018 Participant Satisfaction Survey

According the the Barbados COVID-19 Report:
58% of Participants surveyed said the Award provided them with structure during COVID-19
52% of Participants surveyred said the Award encouraged them to stay in touch with friends
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Our Impact
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