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The flexibility of the Award's structure means that even as many are forced to practise social and physical distancing, participants are still able to work on gaining their awards.

COVID-19 Award Requirements, Temporary Changes and Further Guidance

55+ Years of Equipping Young People For Life


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is the world's leading youth acheivement award.


By participating in The Award, young people are able to develop the skills needed to find their purpose, passion and place in the world. 

Operating in Barbados since 1963, The Award continues to challenge and inspire Barbadian youth, regardless of their circumstance.


Today The Award programme is offered islandwide through various secondary schools, tertiary institutions, youth organizations and community groups

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Our Stories




Ramon Jackman, Bronze Award Recipient, Barbados Government Exhibition 2019

Being in the Award has opened me up to a whole new world I never knew existed. Relaxation is a big part of my study process and thus, being in the Award, especially the hiking aspect has allowed me to destress and relax. This in turn has raised my concentration levels causing me to study harder and longer

Rhenaka Corbin, Silver Award Recipient, Barbados Government Scholarship 2019

Being part of the Award has helped me learn to manage my time better, to work with others and to be a well-rounded individual. It has also taught me to be more open-minded to different types of people and their perspectives that would have differed from my own

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