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60 Years - 1963-2023

Some 60 years ago, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, as it was then called, was introduced to Barbados. Since then, thousands of Participants have participated in the Award and gained success at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, and many of whom have gone on to make an impact on the local and international community. 


Over that time, the Award has consistently evolved to meet the needs of the current generation, providing avenues for their personal development into well-rounded, civic-minded individuals, regardless of race, sex, class or background. From #challengingyoungpeopleeverywhere, to making them #worldready and helping them #discoverinfinitepotential, the Award continues to play a role in developing young people.


As we continue the evolution of the Award, let us take this time to thank all those who contributed to making the Award what it is, giving their time, talents, or finances over the years.


We look forward to continued successes in the future. 

Anniversary Events

Duke Week                                                   March 5-12 2023

Clean Up Barbados                                     March 18 2023

Duke of Edinburgh Cup                               April 16 2023

- Barbados Qualifying Event

Gold Award Presentation                            April 25 2023

New Leaders Workshop                               May 29 2023


TPATT-DEIA Exchange Event                  July 26 - Aug 8 2023


Leaders Retreat and Training Event        Aug 12-13 2023


Bronze and Silver Award Presentation             Sep 1 2023

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