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The Duke of Edinburgh Cup - Golf Tournament 


This is the tournament with the best prize of all tournaments on the island. The winner is rewarded with a trip to play in the international final at Windsor Castle.  The world final is held over two days. There is also a Royal Dinner 


Monies raised from the tournament are used to support the day to day delivery of the Award in Barbados. This includes providing training for volunteers and youth. Additionally funding is allocated to support those youth as they complete the hiking and camping for the Adventurous Journey section. Financial support is periodically given to those in need for other activities as well.


This annual effort is usually enhanced by an exciting auction of items such as champagne dinners, one-of-a-kind artwork and more. 

Players can enter individually or as a member of a corporate team. 

The Previous Tournament was held

Tuesday, March 22 2022

at the Royal Westmoreland Barbados

Details for the next Tournament are to be confirmed.

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